There has been a severe recession in the world economy in recent years, yet electronic commerce, the topic of this book, has grown rapidly, with compa-. Relatedly, a more specific definition of e-commerce is provided by Turban, King, Lee, Liang and Turban () who state that "e-commerce is the process of. PDF | On Jan 1, , Turban E and others published Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective.

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Electronic Commerce A Managerial Perspective, by Efraim Turban, David King, Judy McKay, Peter Marshall, Jae Lee, and Dennis Viehland. Published by. sidjudendelstead.tk - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book Jae Kyu Lee Ting-Peng Liang Deborrah C. Turban. Electronic Commerce. Electronic commerce (EC) describes the manner in which. PDF · Overview of Electronic Commerce. Efraim Turban, Jon Outland, David King, Jae Kyu Lee.

Other major developments are the expansion of EC globally, especially in China where you can find the world's largest EC company. Much attention is lately being given to smart commerce and the use of AI-based analytics and big data to enhance the field. Finally, some emerging EC business models are changing industries e. The 9th edition, brings forth the latest trends in e-commerce, including smart commerce, social commerce, social collaboration, shared economy, innovations, and mobility.

He earned his M. He is also the author of 20 books including Electronic Commerce: He is also a consultant to major corporations worldwide. Turban's current areas of interest are Web-based decision support systems, using intelligent agents in electronic commerce systems, and collaboration issues in global electronic commerce. Jon C. He holds a Ph.

Outland has more than 20 years of industry experience in high-tech companies and has been helping firms deploy e-commerce solutions since He is a certified Project Management Professional PMP , and is personally interested in the creation and marketing of online solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

David King Ph.

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Currently, he is the Sr. He joined JDA in after serving a number of years as the Sr. King has authored a number of articles and books and is the co-author of Electronic Commerce: Electronic commerce EC describes the manner in which transactions take place over electronic networks, mostly the Internet.

It is the process of electronically downloading and selling goods, services, and information. Certain EC applications, such as downloading and selling stocks and airline tickets online, are reaching maturity, some even exceeding non-Internet trades. However, EC is not just about downloading and selling; it also is about electronically communicating, collaborating, and discovering information.

It is about e-learning, e-government, social networks, and much more. EC is having an impact on a significant portion of the world, affecting businesses, professions, trade, and of course, people. The most important developments in EC since are the continuous phenomenal growth of social networks, especially Facebook , LinkedIn and Instagram, and the trend toward conducting EC with mobile devices.

Other major developments are the expansion of EC globally, especially in China where you can find the world's largest EC company. Much attention is lately being given to smart commerce and the use of AI-based analytics and big data to enhance the field.

Finally, some emerging EC business models are changing industries e. The 9th edition, brings forth the latest trends in e-commerce, including smart commerce, social commerce, social collaboration, shared economy, innovations, and mobility. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Electronic commerce EC refers to using the otherwise we have partial EC.

Activity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 plement of the narrowly defined e-commerce. If there is at least one digital dimension. As early as Each activity can be physical or digital. Click-and-mortar click- electronic transactions within an organization. D digital. If all activities are digital. P physical. Note that many compa- Defining E-Business nies operate in two or more of the classifications.

In Ordering. EC is often confused ered. Jaguar has a 3D application for self Some people view the term commerce as describ. In this book. And indeed the world is embracing EC. The major ones are as follows.

For see Plunkett et al. The two terms will be used inter. September Internet or to its counterpart within organiza. According to the U. Distinguish between pure and partial EC. Census Bureau report as well as Plunkett et al. European online retail sales will double tions. Also note that EC is grow- companies are changing to click-and-mortar ones ing much faster than the total of all commerce by e.

Electronic markets 2. EC is growing 4. Dell also 1. Census Bureau Online transactions are made between businesses 3. Wilfred such as selling goods. The results can be found in many industries. In general. Classifying e-commerce aids understanding of this diversified field.

Notice the sharp increase in manufacturing com- keting channel. Another computer environment is an The Content and Framework extranet. EC can be conducted in an electronic market Knight reported that during the — e-marketplace. Define EC and e-business. Leggatt reported service industries. Electronic Markets and Networks There is a clear trend that online retail sales are taking business from traditional retailers.

In B2B. For a more detailed breakdown. Define intranets and extranets. Define electronic markets. Define click-and-mortar and brick-and-mortar and individual consumers in B2C. To perform these exchanges. These tion.. Figure 1. Like any other business.

Marketing and advertising. These range from such framework. Support services. E-Commerce is exploding globally.. Public policy. EC usually requires the support of marketing and advertising. Many services are tents can be useful. European specialists. Business partnerships. Included major economic asset e. According to Stanley and Ritacca Legal and other policy e-commerce in China is exploding.

According to a press release of ecommerce. Joint ventures. Content Classification. This means that companies need to plan. Dell downloads Classification of EC by the Nature most of its parts through e-commerce. For Dell. All The major types of EC transactions are listed of these components require good management below.

Infrastructure describes the of the transactions and the transacting members. The typical shopper.

Electronic Commerce 2018

Many examples of the various types companies to give as gifts to their employees or of EC transactions will be presented throughout customers. Tutorial T2 for more on EDI. Then came electronic data interchange EDI. Examples of C2C include indi.

Those businesses may then In e-government EC.

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An example is godiva. Godiva may mail the chocolate or to businesses G2B or from or to individual directly to the recipients with compliments citizens G2C. Governments can deal also with of…. The company sells chocolates directly to E-Government business customers. EDI later expanded from financial transac- refers to the delivery of services. EC support to such The Internet appeared on the scene in site auctions are e-tailing.

More new EC A major category of employees is mobile employ. Since the sellers viduals selling computers. For business B2. B2 then sells. The previous categories are illustrated in Starbucks sells branded stored value cards to Figure 1. The intrabusiness EC category refers to EC the use of these applications was limited to large transactions among various organizational corporations.

This allowed companies to. When the Internet became commercial. The major links. For a has probably had more of an impact on EC than comprehensive ready-reference guide to EC Google.

Almost all companies in the develop. EC will undoubtedly continue to panies such as site. EC added administration. B2C to B2B. A large number of so- called dot-coms. World Wide Web in the early s. Many of and classification. Google related Web searches to targeted. As of From just the brief overview of the EC framework ing countries have presence on the Web. Given the nature of technology and During its early years.

EC appli. EC was impacted by com- Internet usage. Net-a-Porter a UK online retailer. Case 1. Several new and modified EC models For supplementary history see plunkettresearch. For the magnitude of Single Day in China. Google is much more than just a search increasing demand for their products. General Electric. Monday in the U. Blue Nile Chapter 2. Also see Ad Age Staff Campusfood Online File W1.

Absolutely not! Dress for Success 13 advertisements much better than its competitors enough inventory to meet the fluctuating and did. Well-known B2C failures include Drkoop.

Pay Pal. Shih The rea- engine. Cyber Monday. Click-and-mortar companies such as small businesses. Additional Facebook in the e-commerce field as of see success stories include start-ups such as Alloy. CASE 1. During the economic delivery elsewhere crisis of Natalie Massenet. At this same site you can watch the video According to net-a-porter. With success comes competi- see Chapter 13 tion.

Shopbop an site. And this indeed and fulfilled their needs was what people bought in the mids. But in The company was so successful that lux- preference ury goods company Richemont Corp. Since the company trends based on customer feedback is now part of Richemont. She created a comprehensive. Questions The question is why? What drives EC? What is the importance of globalization in this Opportunities for Entrepreneurs case? A major benefit of EC is the creation of opportuni- 9.

List the major transactional types of EC. These benefits 7. For details on changes in the business environment. Another example is Polyvore whose by its drivers and characteristics. Net-a-Porter is an example of the revolution that is occurring in the fashion The tremendous explosion of EC can be explained industry.

Analyze the competition in the high-end fash. The Benefits of E-Commerce tomers.

Google entered the 3. Which ones are most relevant to increase with time. Why would you download or not download from Net-a-Porter? The Major Drivers of EC 2. Rowe Imitators are springing up on all sides. A major threat may come from site. The How would you integrate this development major drivers are shown in the self-explanatory with Net-a-Porter?

Explain why. But the Net has to get some ideas. Neiman Marcus. List the major components of the EC their own virtual stores hosted by site where framework.

Even ties to start a business in an unconventional ways. We elected to organize here? List both the advantages and disadvantages of ter where details are presented. List some EC successes and failures. The Drivers of E-Commerce Sources: Based on Brodie To stay on top of the competition. Describe the major landmarks in EC history.


What strategy do you department stores with their own online stores suggest for the Net? Read Brodie Nordstrom. It is said that the Net is playing a significant role in transforming how designers reach cus. Many entrepreneurs are logical developments that facilitate EC. Fish Flops Madison Robinson was a year old ninth grader 1.

List five benefits each to customers. It is organizations. For details see Burke From your knowledge describe some techno- and grow them rapidly.

Whereas traditional computing sys- 2. List the major drivers of EC. Identify additional benefits to society. She designs the footwear herself. These changes may positively impact corporate operations Social Computing resulting in a competitive advantage for the firms using EC e.

The benefits of EC may result in significant changes in the way business is conducted. Chapter 7. It is based on Web 2. Travelers can share good travel experiences or warn others of bad The term Web 2.

In social computing and In social computing. The major implementation tools of social vices recommended by their friends. Web 2. Supply chain improvements Reduce delays. Special social networks such as WAYN Chapter laboration and interaction among people and on 3 are very popular among travelers. Oprah is also actively using Twitter to browse enterpriseirregulars.

Social networks are people oriented. Originating from The term social media has many definitions. The major characteristics of Web 2. The major tools of their engagement e. Oprah Winfrey is digital ecosystem. Karakas views Web 2. While social media space for people to build their homepages for free. Services The most interesting e-commerce application in Social Media recent years has been the emergence of social and enterprise social networks. Oprah is rewarding people based on presented in Online File W LinkedIn and Facebook.

Additional definitions. For more details see Edwards A key groups. She Web 2. For Web 2. The structures are often very complex. For details see Colby to Build Her Business Entertaining country-specific return to social commerce in Chapters 7 and 8. Users can upload and view video clips. Provides a platform for orga. A Customer-Oriented Enterprise have a great interest in the business aspects of Social Network social networks e.

Users share and comment on Social Commerce photos. Visitors use the site to exchange opin- The following are examples of representative ions. MyStarbucks Idea. A popular global social network. Then PepsiCo sends such as LinkedIn. The major enterprise-oriented E-commerce activities that are conducted in social network.

As such. Twitter in 2 years Nutley These Idea website see the opening case for details. The most visited social net. Since These are known as enterprise from the members via its My Starbucks social networks e. Dell generates ideas from community Social Networking members at its Idea Storm site. A business-oriented social network.

Another type of business-oriented social net. It social network services: Define Web 2. The company used in a Virtual World Facebook. What is an enterprise social network?

The show was streamed provided by Alter A special class of social networking is the virtual 5. Describe Facebook..

The company also uses the most dedicated community members to con. Define social networks. In characteristics. More recently. Virtual Worlds and Second Life 4.

Define social commerce. Why is it so popular? Community members inhabit virtual spaces and 1. Describe the capabilities of social network services SNSs. How Students Make Money tribute ideas. Define virtual worlds and list their major environment built and owned by its residents.

Target used Twitter to promote the names of the young entrepreneurs who use their fall fashion show in New York with their computer skills to develop these jobs are videos and ads. Define social computing and list its characteristics. If you cannot get a summer or other job. We see it become a new way for people to socialize. Twitter became a major Web 2. A virtual world. For more applications see Chapters 7 and 8. Our working defi. Turban et al. Knowledge is Cybercons are everywhere codified.

This digital economy overload and generated is accelerating. Many wireline or wireless communication networks business processes are expedited by e.

Globalization Global communication and collaboration. The different forms and frequently use information digital revolution provides the necessary technolo. The Digital Economy videos. The essentials of this con- ness environment. It includes digital thanks to digitized documents.

The digital revolution also enables many inno. Sharing Economy Sharing economy refers to an economic system Table 1. More patents are being granted than to digital. Table 1.

A well known gies for EC and creates major changes in the busi. Speed A move to real-time transactions. We are moving from analog innovations continue at a rapid pace. Fraud Criminals employ a slew of innovative schemes on the Internet. Internet inside the company. Many compa- According to Willgren small farmers in nies employ a corporate portal. For a The Digital Enterprise comprehensive coverage see en. Examples definitions. According to Chui et al. New apps change the way that people communi.

Societal benefits include reduction of car- bon footprint e. Several EC models and companies are based on The term digital enterprise has several the concept of the sharing economy.

The digital enterprise is a new busi- ping. Both individuals and organizations are a hospital. Kickstarter Ticketmaster. In addition to productivity improve. It usually refers to an enterprise. It also allows people that grow their own food to A key concern of many companies today is tell their stories and ask for advice.. Also people change their large. Yerdle a shar. Vacation rental is a large area where home ness model that uses IT to gain competitive and condo owners provide short term rentals advantage by increasing employee productivity.

Customer can how to change themselves into digital or at visit farms and do some shopping there. They are all moving toward being ment in the economy.

One of the major impacts of EC is the creation of the digital enterprise concept that accompanies Sharing Economy and E-Commerce the social enterprise. Krrb a P2P marketplace. The network promotes reduction for downloaders and ability to sell more for self-sustainability.

An enterprise can be a manufacturing plant. People are looking for apps intranet. The digital revolution is accompanied by social where they are compared with those of a tradi- impacts that resulted in part by improved com.

The major characteristics The Social Impact of a digital enterprise are listed in Table 1. Swedish Farmers Go Online done via the Internet and extranets. For exam. Online auctions. The project Physical auctions. Use of computers. We present only a few Large fixed cost required Small fixed cost required for plant operation for smaller and less of them. Electronic infomediaries. Harrington describes why and how. Expertise VANs.

In 5 years. Selling tangible goods Selling digital goods online IBM provides software and knowledge to digital as well enterprises including cities. Note to the smart and intelligent enterprise systems. Commerce efforts.

These system per IBM. See ibm. Push production. The book is based on research done May these cars were tested in by Dachis Group and experience collected in California without people in them.. It seems that the IBM effort also concentrates on improved above definition emphasizes the social goals.

The main goal of a social enterprise pany IDC as the market share leader in social is to focus on social issues.

The details at se-alliance. The Social Enterprise Alliance provides and improvements of business processes. The strategy. According to Cerrato the hospital opportunities created by the digital and social created a patient and family social network.

For a major companies that implemented a social busi. In et al. The basic idea is that social media networks and social customers require organiza. For an example. Miller Coors For more on the social enterprise see Chui ibm. Both are useful for understanding of the concept. IBM is helping organizations patient portal. The profits do not go to owners in their joint definition the following characteris.

The Forum conducts annual The Social Enterprise conferences. These enterprises software platform provider. Many use the two terms inter- IBM has been recognized by the research com.

Just think about your digi- 2. The cars are The Dachis Group. The objective major cities is much easier today. For details see ception in it sold over 28 billion Thomas Small Business Other major developments are the expansion of EC globally, especially in China where you can find the world's largest EC company.

Another revenue source is on the volume of transactions made. The cost to the Starbucks lowers February Marketing and Advertising in E-Commerce. A business-oriented social network. While covering all major EC topics, this book is clear, simple, and well organized.