laws or other established rules). anodyne. Medicine that relieves pain (noun); soothing, relieving pain (adj). Manhattan Prep GRE Words: Definitions. Manhattan GRE Essential Words Flash Card set — another good starting point for learning GRE vocabulary. (v) give up, renounce; repudiate, recant, or shun (especially formally or under oath) (v, adj) gather together, amount to (verb); constituting a whole made up of. [FREE] PDF Pdf Advanced Words: GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides) FOR ANY DEVICE FOR IPAD Get.

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Read [] [] Essential Words PDF GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides). ​Manhattan Prep's GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards go above and beyond other GRE flash cards on the market. Designed help the student develop a lasting. Manhattan GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards – Advanced Words is the second in a 2-volume set of GRE flash cards. Start with essential words and graduate to.

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Book details Author: With us, score improvement is guaranteed. Daniel O. My instructor was awesome and always willing to help me even outside of class times. Roshini S.

Maximum Results. Minimum Time.

With clear structure and effective instructors, I was able to stay on track and perform well on the actual exam. All my instructors were knowledgeable, compassionate, and very, very helpful. Thanks for a great program! Subside is another word for lessening a storm could abate or subside.

More Info: Abate comes from an Old French word for beat, cast down that also gives us batter beat severely and abattoir slaughterhouse. Abdication is voluntary. Anomaly deviation from the norm, inconsistency , Outlier a person on the fringe; a data point that lies outside the main pattern of data. Go out with you?

I would rather stab myself with a rusty bread knife than be your girlfriend! Loathe, Abominate synonyms , Antipathy instinctive repugnance or aversion. The prefix ab means away —if you abhor or abominate something, you want to get as far away from it as possible.

Give up, renounce; repudiate, recant, or shun especially formally or under oath. Rough, suitable for grinding or polishing such as sandpaper ; causing irritation or annoyance. Could the inside of this mascot costume be any more abrasive? I have some seriously abrasive remarks for whoever designed this thing.

Caustic capable of burning or corroding; extremely critical or sarcastic , Excoriate to rub the skin off of; to criticize very harshly. Like caustic and excoriate, abrasive can be used literally or metaphorically. You scrub a dirty pan with something abrasive , such as steel wool. Harsh criticism is abrasive, like being scrubbed with steel wool.

Reduce or lessen; shorten by omitting parts throughout while retaining the main idea. Our romantic vacation was abridged when the babysitter called to say that the kids were sick and we should come home. Memory Trick: An abridged book still tells the whole story; a truncated book is missing the ending!

Hold back, refrain especially from something bad or unhealthy ; decline to vote. Temperance moderation, holding back , Teetotaler a person who abstains from alcohol , Forbear hold back or abstain from. Abstain is usually followed by from vegetarians forbear meat or abstain from meat.

The acme of my vacation was when I finally climbed to the acme of the mountain and enjoyed the gorgeous vista. Summit, Pinnacle synonyms , Apex vertex, tip, point , Apogee high point, point at which the moon is furthest from the Earth. Acme, Summit, Pinnacle, and Apex are all popular names for businesses: Apex Locksmith, Pinnacle Home Security, etc.

Acme is especially popular, since it occurs early in the phone book. The practice of pursuing political or other goals through vigorous action, often including protests and demonstrations. Advocacy pleading for, recommending , Champion one who defends or supports, as a cause.

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Activism is often considered noble, but judicial activism —going beyond interpreting existing laws to actually using court decisions to create new public policies—is often controversial. Abide by follow, conform to , Cohere become united, hold together as part of the same mass. Use adhere for attaching two different kinds of things together, and cohere for things of the same kind good cookie dough coheres instead of crumbles. She was an exacting boss who upbraided an employee for jamming the copier, yet she merely admonished her five-year-old for the same offense.


Reprove, upbraid, reprimand, and rebuke are all harsher forms of criticism than admonish. You can also admonish someone to do something, as in The GRE instructor admonished her students to study vocabulary every day.

Pioneer women persevered despite adverse circumstances, even when fording a river—baby in one arm, leading a horse with the other—against an adverse current. Adverse appears in adverse criticism, although that expression is a bit redundant.

Adverse is also related to adversary an opponent, foe. Speak or argue in favor of verb ; a person who pleads for a cause or on behalf of another person noun.

I cannot possibly vote for a candidate who advocates oil drilling in federally protected nature preserves. Proponents, Exponents, or Champions are all people who advocate for a cause.

Advocate contains the root voc, meaning to call. This root also appears in vocal, invoke , etc. Concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste, pertaining to the science of what is beautiful adj ; a sense of beauty and taste of a particular time and place noun.

The twins were so different—one possessed a truly baroque aesthetic , preferring golden, gilded decor.Pdf Advanced Words: Submit Search.

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Caustic capable of burning or corroding; extremely critical or sarcastic , Excoriate to rub the skin off of; to criticize very harshly More Info: Proponents, Exponents, or Champions are all people who advocate for a cause. If you miss any words at any point, go through the entire pile you currently have again until you get all of the words right. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Something that involves self-testing like flash cards or the blank definition GRE words PDF below is a more effective way to drill information.