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almost the entire Adhyatma Ramayanam portrays Rama as an incarnation of Lord Adhyathma Ramayana in Malayalam are some of the well known versions. Valmiki Ramayanam in Malayalam - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Links to the above book. yana in Bengali and Ezuthachan's Adhyatma. Ramayana in Malayalam. For all these works on the Rama Saga, Valmiki's famous epic on that theme is the basis.

Rama defeated him with a purifying magical weapon, and he renounced his evil ways to become a rishi. Khara A rakshasa, cousin to Ravana. He rules the area of Janasthana, near the forest of Rama's exile. He is very powerful, and likes to kill rishis and despoil sacred rituals.

Jatayu A powerful golden eagle who speaks in the voice of a human being. He was loyal to King Dasaratha, and pledges his service to Rama. He dies defending Sita from Ravana. Kabandha A terrible rakshasa who has the form of a body with no legs or head -- only arms and a gaping mouth.

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He was transformed into this ugly shape by Indra; formerly, he was a celestial archer. He tells the brothers to seek Sugriva, the prince of vanaras.

Sugriva The rightful king of the vanaras, a race of magical monkeys. He was usurped by his brother Vali, and pledges his service to Rama and Lakshmana if they can restore him to his throne.

Hanuman Advisor to Sugriva. He is the son of the wind god Vayu and a vanari woman. Angada A vanara youth, son of Vali and nephew of Sugriva. He is brave and intelligent.

Vibheeshana Young brother of Ravana. Though he is a rakshasa, he is wise and good. When Ravana refuses to listen to his counsel, he joins Rama's army. Sampati A great golden eagle, brother of Jatayu. His wings were burned when he flew too close to the son. Jambavan King of the Riksharaj magical bears.

He is an ally of Sugriva and Rama. He is known for his gentle wisdom and quiet strength. Indrajit The favorite son of Ravana, and his most powerful warrior.

He earned his name after he captured Indra, the king of the gods. Kumbhakarna Ravana's brother. He is a giant with infinite strength who sleeps for six months at a time before waking up and eating everything he can see. Agastya An elderly and extremely powerful rishi who blesses Rama.

Sticking to some core values which are steeped in the righteousness eventually leads to success. The main protagonist, Rama, is depicted in Ramayana as an epitome of the virtue.

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He is known as an ideal king, an ideal son and a pragmatic person. He sets high ethical standards in the warfare and invariably sides with dharma, or righteousness.

Rama wages a war on Lanka with very limited resources, and the backed by an army which is pretty out- of-the-box or unconventional [1]. That is an army which is highly motivated, and expecting minimal facilities. Goes on to show the superiority of the motivation levels over the availability of the physical resources. Leadership in business should be applied from the Ramayana. Whether this is befriending Nishaad Raaj, and refusing to return to Ayodhya when Bharat approaches him in Panchavati, conducting the last rites of Jataayu, accepting Vibhishana in his fold or even when reuniting with his mothers and brothers upon his return to Ayodhya, he sets a high bar for humanity in general.

In that corruption-infested times we live in, and his leadership traits inspire managers to do their best even under the most trying circumstances.

The Valmiki Ramayana and Vedic literatures of the India are thought to be showing only the relationship between men with the creator. As a result, and the most of people have been impressed by the astoundingly wide range of subjects philosophical thoughts expressed in the literatures and epics of India. Managerial effectiveness has gained a critical importance in the current business environment, which is now becoming a competitive and unpredictable.

Adhyatma Ramayanam Malayalam Book

Effectiveness ultimately makes a manager successful in those achieving organisational goals [3]. Therefore, the importance of developing managerial effectiveness is essential for the organisations to create and also to sustain their competitive advantage.

Although there have been several models, the methods and views on managerial effectiveness presented in the western management literature; and there seems to be no universal or standard approach towards developing managerial effectiveness which can be applied to every country and community.

Therefore, to the several new approaches towards managerial effectiveness are being developed from various perspectives. The Ramayana has been the source of the spiritual, cultural, sociological, and political and the artistic inspiration for ages for the people of India and also to the people of South East Asian countries especially Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Ramayana has enriched the national literatures of these countries, and also provided themes for every form of their art such as drama, dance, music, painting and sculpture Subramaniam, Management is a process it involves integrating and coordinating work of others so that the goals of an organisation are achieved efficiently and effectively.

Management is an interdisciplinary field with contributions from the different fields such as psychology, social psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics and finance Muniapan, Contemporary management also includes issues related to cross cultural management and the international management. Increasingly the understanding of the market management is coming to depend on understanding, to the analysing and predicting organisational behaviour, which is the basis for human resource management.

To the motivation is operationally defined as the inner force that drives individuals to accomplish personal and organisational goals. Motivation represents the outcomes of the several behavioural inputs such as perception, and attitude and learning, and it is an important concept receiving considerable attention from academics, researchers and practicing managers.

For attending high level of the productivity and quality in any system it is very vital to understand the motivational factors responsible to improve the morale of individuals and that of the group. Ramayana on the other hand, and looks at the human intellect aspect and to divides men in an altogether different way into intellectual elite Mahat , mediocre Madhayam and ordinary Jaghanya [4]. According to Sri Rama the intellectual elites are to be appointed in the prime posts, and which require decision making and the planning.

The mediocre are to be appointed in regular jobs which requires implementation of plans and ordinary people are to be appointed for serving the organisation and in the jobs which requires more of manual work and less of intelligence. Namespaces File Discussion.

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It is information from various controls must be tailored to a specific management level, department, unit or operation Samson and Daft, In Valmiki, Rama is not aware of his Divinity till the end when Brahma imparts that knowledge to him. Lakshmana Son of King Dasaratha, and brother of Rama. Adhyathma Ramayanam, the spiritual version of Ramayanam finds a place in Brahmanda. Tags: hinduism ebook, HinduismHindu Dharma, malayalam ebook,ramayana.

Main article: Reciting whole Ramayana might take couple of days and many times due to time constraint it is not possible to recite the whole Ramayana in a single sitting.