site has hundreds of thousands of e-books available to download and download. If you have the site app for iOS, you can download and. At one point or another, you've probably opened the site app on your iPhone or iPad and tried to download a site e-book, only to realize you. 2 days ago Download site site and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod In the coming weeks, you will be able to select multiple books in your.

site Book To Iphone And Ipad

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Getting your site books to Apple iPad or iPhone is no big deal. It takes only a few minutes. “I have enjoyed my site for a couple years. I have several books. Recently I received a new iPad. I'd like to transfer those books to my iPad. Is this possible?. Wondering where site hid the site store on its site app for the iPhone and iPad? Nope, you're not missing anything—it simply isn't.

To successfully deliver site content, the site reading app must be registered to the same site account you use to download site content.

After you download a site book, the title is saved to the Cloud and can be accessed from Manage Your Content and Devices.

New downloads are sent to your reading app and appear under the Cloud tab. If the title isn't compatible, the device or reading app won't be selectable in the drop-down menu. While we're unable to respond directly to your feedback, we'll use this information to improve our online Help.

Why You Can't download Books from the site app on iPhone or iPad in 2018

From your computer: Select the title, and then click Deliver to Default Device or Others. On the pop-up window, select the device or app from the drop-down menu if prompted. Select Deliver.

Your content will automatically be delivered to your device or reading app once it's connected to a wireless network. The list.


Searching the site store is just a click away. The site App has continued to expand and add features over the years.

Pros: Well, there are so many, but mainly I like that I can obtain a book immediately and it doesn't take up any more space in my small house. I have all of my books available to me wherever I am so that I can read whatever I want wherever I want.

No more wishing I would have brought a different book or finishing a book and not having another. When at the grocery store, I can look at a recipe in one of my many cookbooks on site to see what I need to download to make it. Backlighting, font, and size options mean I can read even if I've forgotten my reading glasses or have difficulty reading the publisher's chosen font.

Even if I have a physical version of a book, I often also get a site version. Cons: Searching is either of a book title when in the library or specific content from within a book only.

I would like to be able to search for specific content or content that I've highlighted or bookmarked within a collection or even the whole library. I have so many site books now that I sometimes have trouble remembering where I've seen some content, as I often have quite a few books on one subject. Also, I would like to have more options for arranging my books. Physical books I can arrange on a shelf in any order I please.You can access X-Ray in two ways: from the Menu — just like other features described above see the screenshot below, on the left , in the top bar via the dedicated X-Ray icon the screenshot below, on the right.

Solution 2: The matter dates all the way back to an App Store policy update in early , a time when the late Steve Jobs was still CEO and the company's App Store was only a few years old.

Despite my love of actual books, I would never go back voluntarily to them.

Solution 1: Transfer Ebooks from site to iPad via SynciOS Ebook Manager

Select File Sharing from the section on the left. My preferred typeface is Bookerly , the modern font designed from scratch exclusively to be used in site e-readers and apps.

If you need a heavier typeface, you can always pick up the original font from site e-readers — Caecilia.