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Discover ideas about Urdu Novels. Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid is the author of the book Halqa e Yaran. He is the author of some quality books like Iqbal Pur Israr. Pakistan Aik Eshq Aik Junoon By Zaid Hamid Pdf Free Download Pakistan Aik Eshq Aik Junoon Authored By Zaid Hamid is an interesting and valuable book. Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid better known as Zaid Hamid, is a Pakistani political commentator and conspiracy theorist. His byline in newspaper articles has been Zaid Zaman. Contents. 1 Early life and education; 2 Political views; 3 Criticism; 4 Arrest in Saudi Arabia; 5 Books and booklets . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Ban ks in America started collapsing, with interest driving them insane as it is something that has been touched by Satan.

They could not help themselves. They could not stand to keep the economic system stable.

Documents Similar To Predictions of Naimat Ullah Shah Wali by Zaid Hamid

They repeated this forgery i. Towards the end of the 19th century, a bank collapsed every 20 to 30 years. The result was that in , the b anks got together and acknowledged it themselves that they were known for taking peoples money an d keeping it for themselves, and that after every few years one of them collapsed. As they considered this behavior to be completely legal all the private banks got together and opened a big bank, a bank which would help them if any one of them lost money.

This bank would provide the collapsing bank with back up and support. In this way, fifteen or sixteen private banks in A merica got together and created a big bank known as The US Federal Reserve.

The US government does not own it. Suppose that, if five or six banks in a country get together and download the state bank, then the countrys government would not have any say in the state bank. The government would not be able to issue its currency and only the private bank would have the right to issue the currency. The full economic system is then controlled by only a few people. The Congress itself gave the authority of issuing the American currency to this private corporation.

In other words, ten to twelve Jews obtained the authority to issue bank notes for the American economy and the US govern ment was rendered unable to issue its own currency. If the US government required money it had to take loans from the Federal Reserve. The power was , and still is, in the hands of those who have the money. The currency does not belong to the US government; it belongs to the Federal Reserve, whose Jewish owners also have shares in different banks. The Federal Reserve used to console the people by telling them that they did not have to worry about losing their money.

Their money was safe with the Federal Reserve, even if the bank collapsed insurance. It was important to give the American people this consolation in order to keep the banking and interest systems intact or else banks would collapse every few years.

The President, Dr. Thomas Woodrow Wilson, signed it into law one hour after it was passed by the Congress! The Federal Reserve System is an independent central bank.

Zaid Hamid: Famous Economic Terrorism Book !!! (English)

Although the President of the United States appoints the chairman of the Fed, and this appointment is approved by the United States Senate, the decisions of the Fed do not have to be ratified by the President, or anyone else in the executive branch of the United States government.

Buried in the legislation was the granting of total power over the monetary policies of all US banks. A very curious statement is f ound in the original law.

The right to amend, alter, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Who were those people who had such power to snatch the authority to issue currency from the US govern ment, and thus prevent the US government fro m issuing its own currency? Who were those people who made the US govern ment take a loan for even a single dollar? These persons were not just Jews; they had Zionists among them. Zionists are not Jews, but they have the agenda of the Jews.

They are also known as the Freemasons, who have control all over the world. People are familiar with them but they do not know their in fluence on Americas banking system. Formerly, they were those who worked for many years to create a separate state for the Jews. Their foundation starts fro m the Crusades. The Templar and Hospitallar knights that led the crusade wars were basically Freemasons or Zionists; they were not Christians. They were a secret society and had secret rituals.

They faked Christianity and when the Church came to know their secret, it killed and eradicated them fro m its domains. It holds that the Jews have the right to self-determination in their own national home, and the right to develop their national culture.

Historically, Zionism strove to create a legally recognized national home for the Jews in their historical homeland. This goal was implemented by the creation of the State of Israel.

Today, Zionism supports the existence of the state of Israel and helps to inspire a revival of Jewish national life, culture and language. Zionism seeks to establish a home for the Jewish people in Palestine secured under public law or International Law. Officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church around , Templar knights, in their distinctive white mantles with a red cross, were among the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades. Non-combatant members of the Order managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, innovating financial techniques that were an early form of banking, and building many fortifications across Europe and the Holy Land.

Currencies are indigenous and so they are related to their o wn country.

However, the US one dollar bill is the worlds only currency which has an Egyptian pyramid and a strange eye on its apex Figures Figure 1. What is the relation between an Egyptian pyramid and the United States of America? Freemasonry or Zionism is an extremely strong religio-cultural belief that is based on Judaism.

Their idol is not Mu sa A but Firawn or the Pharaoh. This is the reason why the Tomb of the Pharaohs is on the US one dollar bill and the eye is what the Muslims call, Dajjals eye. People do interpret this in different ways but there is no doubt that it is a Freemasonic seal.

What is this seal doing on an American dollar bill? It is certainly a worrying situation to find the seal of a small private family on a currency note. The whole economic system of the US which is based on interest was established, maintained and controlled by Freemasons, a secret so ciety. Most of the American Presidents were Freemasons. Abraham Lincoln was not a Freemason and he was killed when he tried to break their system. It was such a powerful group in the US Congress that it was able to make them pass a bill within a matter of minutes.

They passed a law in the whole of the Un ited States that the American nation should not use gold and silver coins. Thus all the A mericans had to deposit all their coins in the Federal Reserve, and they were issued receipts against those coins i. American dollar bills. Simu ltaneously the Bank of Eng land did exactly the same thing. They wanted to create a powerful regime over the whole world. They had done this on a smaller level before.

No w with the Federal Reserve behind them, they did the same on a national level. In the value of gold was 20 dollars an ounce i. The entire American nation sold their gold at this rate to the Federal Reserve and took currency not es in exchange. After some time the US govern ment did something strange and illogical. They gave the nation permission to use gold coins again.

However, now the same gold coins were sold to them at 35 dollars an ounce. Thus when the same people came to get their gold back they got only half of it.

Half their gold was gone. It is important to understand this because: They did this as an experiment to see if they could befool a whole nation.

They were successful and were satisfied with the results. They wanted to see if they could devalue the paper currency according to their whims and desires. There were no rules on the basis of which they devalued the paper currency. One day they would say that the value of an ounce of gold is 20 dollars and then they would later say it was 35 dollars.

It was because of the strength and authority of their system that no one questioned or challenged them.

The American nation was deceived and the value of gold was stabilized at 35 dolla rs an ounce. Till the year the Zionists were successful with in America.

They had complete control over the A merican economy. They had created the Federal Reserve which had s maller banks under it and they gave loans to the American people and took interest fro m them. The US government took loans from the Federal Reserve, repaying them with interest, for which it taxed its people.

Emergency Banking Act of was passed by the Congress on M arch 9 without even being read. It gave the secretary of the Treasury the power to require all individuals and corporations to hand over all their gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates.

They knew that wars were of great use for this purpose. In the history of the Second World War you will find how they financed Hitler 10 and how they financed both the sides to whip up a war. There were just two places in the world, Swit zerland and America, where there were stockpiles of gold and where war was not fought. All the countries in Europe were fighting with each other except for Swit zerland. The bankers there were gathering and stocking up gold.

Usually a wealthy country is attacked first when there is war going on around it, but no one attacked therefore the simp le reason that they were the financiers. People were depositing their money fro m fear of war. The A merican bankers financed the whole European war effort and they took payment fro m the whole of Europe in gold, not in paper currency.

They destroyed all of Europe but also helped to rebuild it through loans from the Federal Reserve. The mo re money they gave to Europe, the more interest they got from them. Most of the wealth of these European nations came into the hands of the Federal Reserve in the form of remittances of the loans they had taken. The dangerous plan which they had init iated in was now implemented in the whole of Europe. The IMF charter states that none of the countries in the world can deal in gold nor can they use gold or anything that is backed by gold.

Gold currency vanished from the whole of Europe due to the war. The gold that was supposed to be behind the currency was not there. The currency was just useless paper, similar to the example stated previously. Through the Bretton Wood agreement, the Zionists had the control and the trust of the people, and created and maintained a deception like that of the Samiri 12 who gathered the gold from the people and created a statue for them to worship , and cheated them.

These people did the same thing; they snatched the gold fro m the whole world and made a du mmy o f an economic system and told the world that this was their lord and that they should worship it.

Basically the IM F and the World Bank are their instruments through which they spread their system of interest around the whole world. It is important to know the history of this system in order to understand it.

Europes gold was gone and the Federal Reserve started giving loans. Through the Bretton Wood agreement, the Dollar became the relative pegged currency i. They had taken away the gold fro m behind all the currencies and kept it only behind the dollar, thus achieving complete control. Later they de-pegged the dollar fro m gold and even the dollar was turned into a floating currency.

It established a fixed exchange rate linked to the U. By the s the fixed exchange rate collapsed, as the U.

The agreement was so named because it was signed in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Surah Al Araf - While Allah was manifesting His presence to M usa A and divulging to him the secrets of creation and of the structure of religion, some of the Israelites, under the direction and supervision of a person called Samiri, constructed and worshipped a statue of a golden calf.

This deception came about through the action of Samiri, who was endowed with a degree of knowledge and insight into religion, but who used that insight to falsify rather than clarify matters. Normally when a nation issues more currency notes than necessary, it is called inflat ion whereby prices go up. The American economy was not affected; rather it made the whole world debt -ridden by giving loans.

As the dollar became the standard currency, all the countries started gathering dollars.

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Subsequently they asked the countries to carry out all international trade and energy deals especially oil in dollars. They made two o il exchanges; one in New York and the other in London, where trading had to be done in dollars.

In short the whole world needed dollars to conduct trade and it had become as good as gold or even better. Dollars were kept as reserves in banks and earned interest. Therefore this was an interest over interest system and the Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve were benefiting fro m the remittances of interest fro m Europe. For the last - years the Zionists and the Freemasons have dominated the world through their glo bal conspiracy.

Our nations started realizing this fact much later. They succeeded in invading the world very quickly and now their immoral faces are out in the open for everyone to see.

Before going further, it needs to be understood why all this is being emphasized. A ll the disruptions, the difficu lties and the depressions the world is experiencing today and the disasters that have spread, the shortages of fuel and food supplies, global warming, water pollution, the advent of a new ice age, the damage to the ozone layer, the depletion of fishes in the seas due to over-fishing all these terrible d isasters which they have created in this world of Allah swt have just one reason behind them.

And that reason is their aim to establish the Capitalist Economic System based on the system of Riba. They have brought the whole world on the verge of collapse.

Zaid Hamid: Famous Economic Terrorism Book !!! (English)

They are those on whom Allahs wrath has been confirmed in the Quran. There is a reason why Allah and the Prophet hubp have cursed and declared war against those people who deal in Riba. We will discuss some historical incidents from the Quran; for instance the times of Isa A and Yusuf A.

Proofs fro m the Bible will also be discussed. It is important to give reference from the Bib le to understand how it became poss ible for the Jews to conquer the Christians. Today their civilization is known as the Judeo Christian civilizat ion. Basically the headquarters of the Zionists are in the midst of the Christian world. Historically however, the Jews and Christians always fought each other.

The Christians have always persecuted the Jews, hated them, killed them and ousted them fro m their settlements. How then did the Jews manage to achieve the present state of affairs? Therefore our analysis will be a little historical, philos ophical as well as Qu ranic. Allah swt did not simply relate stories to us in the Quran; there is profound wisdom in them. If we do not learn lessons fro m the Quran today we will be lost, and the present predicament of the world will continue.

Yousuf A asked to be made in charge of the treasures of the land management of the resources o f the nation. In modern terminology he asked for the post of the finance min ister. He wanted to manage the lands natural resources, like petroleum and other minerals. The argu ment he gave the king was that he was and. These are the two fundamental qualities required in a person who manages the finance of a country. He should be , i. He also needs to be , mean ing honest and trustworthy i. If a person is given power to control the finances and economic system of a co untry and direct its money supply, then he can change the destiny of the society.

Yousuf A was already the appointed Prophet of Allah, thus he had spiritual knowledge and could interpret dreams by the permission of Allah swt. He interpreted the kings dream and found that they had a crisis at hand. Allah had made it possible for him to gain control of the nations finance s. He conducted these by making excellent agricultural and fiscal policies.

His management of the money supply was so incredible that within seven years the nation became very prosperous and was ready for the coming s even years of drought and famine. Egypt was distributing grains to the whole region, thus its own food supply was secure, prosperity was remarkab le and people fro m far and away came to Egypt to replenish their food stores.

It was known that Egypt had a generous emperor who was distributing grains to people, thus even though there was a proper king and law in the country, the actual power and control was in the hands of Yousuf A. His brothers, who had tried to kill him when he was young, also came to h im without knowing who he really was and he treated them with utmost generosity.

Why is this issue explained in the Quran? The truth is that the Zionist Jews work exactly opposite to this wisdom. If someone gains control of the complete money supply of a nation, it does not matter to him who is controlling or ruling the government or who is making the law.

The power will unquestionably be in his hands. Yousuf A was wise, trustworthy and had spiritual guidance as he was Allahs prophet. When he used the information fro m Allah with understanding and commit ment, there was proper distribution and peace, prosperity and justice were established.

Muslims should pay mo re attention to money management as there is a lot of emphasis on it in the religion of Islam. They were covered with humiliation and misery: they drew on themselves the wrath of Allah.

This is because they went on rejecting the Signs of Allah and slaying His Messengers without just cause.

This is because they rebelled and went on transgressing. They write false books and call them A llahs word, when Allah never said such things. They lie and spread anarchy and chaos. They work on usurious dealings and claim them to be similar to trade. However Allah has permitted trade and prohibited usury. Allah says that there are some people among the People of the Book a term used in the Quran to refer to the Jews and the Christians who return the money entrust ed with them and others 14 fabricating; listening to lies; disputing and quarreling; hiding the truth and supporting deception; rebelling against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance; hypocrisy; wishing evil for people; feeling pain at others' happiness and feeling happiness at others' afflictions; rudeness and vulgarity; murdering innocents; mercilessness and heartlessness; breaking promises; cowardice; and miserliness.

When non-Jews entrust Jews with their money, the latter do not give it back as they believe it is the right of Jews to snatch away and never return the wealth of non-Jews. Among the People of the Book are some who, if entrusted with a hoard of gold, will readily pay it back; others, who, if entrusted with a single silver coin, will not repay it unless thou constantly standest demanding, because, they say, "There is no call on us to keep faith with these ignorant Pagans.

Surah A l Imran: 75 The fundamental belief of the Jews is that they are the only chosen people, and they have a right on the life, property, dignity and everything else of the rest of the world. Killing them, robbing, cheating and ousting them fro m their land etc. They are also arrogant as they consider themselves the only ones who will go to heaven.

They claim that even if they go to hell they would be there only for a little while, and would then proceed to heaven. This is the superstitious belief that they have created for themselves.

In reality however, they are the ones who have earned Allahs wrath and th e curse of the angels and the believers because of their aforementioned acts. O Those who reject Faith, and die rejecting it, on them is Allah's curse, and the curse of angels, and of all mankind. They will abide therein : their penalty will not be lightened, nor will respite be their lot. Al-Baqarah: , But those who reject Our Signs and treat them with arrogance, they are Co mpanions of the Fire, to dwell therein forever.

A l-Araaf 27 Economic Terroris m Another of their attributes that Allah describes is that they spread wars and anarchy everywhere; and Allah does not like chaos If one draws together all these attributes, a pattern becomes clear to see. This is the conspiracy which the Zionists and Jews have created in the last years, and established their methods of deception and fraud.

They have done this because of their pride and arrogance as they view themselves as the chosen people. They want to make a single g lobal emp ire and bring the whole world under that government. They in itiate war, murder and conflict around the world and are least bothered about the life, d ignity and property of non - Jews. They hoard gold in their Swiss banks and Federal Reserves and do not spend Allahs wealth in His cause. They spread instability and terror around the world through wars.

These are all fundamental tactics that are required to maintain this regime of usury. One thing to keep in mind here is that Isa A did not come with a new law, but came to re -establish the law of Musa A , wh ich is the Old Testament. Isa A brought love with that law because the Jews had strayed away from those directives and started imp lementing their o wn ru les so strictly that the element of kindness had been lost. He brought forgiveness, love and compassion which were rare to find during those days.

His image is of a soft, hu mble and kind person. The bible mentions that when Jesus went to Jerusalem to Bait al Muqaddas to worship, he was fiercely agitated to see a group of usury-minded Jews gathered around a table, dealing in us ury-related business in the place of worship.

In the testamen t the word Money Changer has been used. In Islamic books they are called Money Lenders. All this was happening inside the worshipping house under the authority of the priests.

Isa A was furious and told them that it was a place for worshipping Allah and they had turned it into a den of thieves. When the chief of the priests and rabbis heard this, they plotted to kill Isa A. Thus the plan to kill him was made when Isa A attacked the system of interest and usury.

Pakistani journalist. Not to be confused with Zahid Hamid. The Express Tribune.

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International Business Times UK.Some nations had more when others had less. When the chief of the priests and rabbis heard this, they plotted to kill Isa A. Paper is practically vanishing. Recently a bank in England known as the Northern Rock collapsed. If we simply take the case of the American economy.

The Shah was their main stooge and slave-servant. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. The concept of Global Economic Terroris m is disputed within the med ia as it is a hidden phenomenon.