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Get this from a library! Dear and glorious physician.. [Taylor Caldwell] -- Fictionalized account of the life of St. Luke. Dear and Glorious Physician After studying medicine in Alexandria he became one of the greatest physicians of the ancient world and. Download and Read Free Online Dear And Glorious Physician Taylor Caldwell ebook. Dear And Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell Free PDF d0wnl0ad.

Luke, man of science, and Gospel writer Today St. Luke is known as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament, but two thousand years ago he was Lucanus, a Greek, a man who loved, knew the emptiness of bereavement, and later traveled through the hills and wastes of Judea asking, "What manner of man was my Lord?

Lucanus grew up in the household of his stepfather, the Roman govenor of Antioch. After studying medicine in Alexandria he became one of the greatest physicians of the ancient world and traveled far and wide through the Mediterranean region healing the sick. As time went on he learned of the life and death of Christ and saw in Him the God he was seeking. To find out all he could about the life and teachings of Jesus, whom he never saw, Lucanus visited all the places where Jesus had been, questioning everyone--including His mother, Mary--who had known Him or heard Him preach.

At last, when he had gathered all information possible, he wrote down what we now know as the Gospel according to St. Taylor Caldwell has chosen the grand, the splendid means to tell of St. Her own travels through the Holy Land and years of meticulous research made Dear and Glorious Physician a fully developed portrait of a complex and brilliant man and a colorful re-creation of ancient Roman life as it contrasted in its decadence with the new world Christianity was bringing into being.

Here is a story to warm, to inspire, to call forth renewal of faith and love lying deep in each reader's heart.

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That winter a great, bright star appears in the heavens overhead, which fascinates Lucanus, who was always somewhat otherworldly even as a child but becomes steadily more ethereal from that point forward.

Lucanus is in for a rough adolescence. He falls in puppy love with Rubria, but she succumbs to her sickness, grieving him deeply. His father, whom he never liked much, drowns not long after. Lucanus begins to feel that life is arbitrary and God is cruel.

This hatred for the way things are is all that drives him.

He goes to Alexandria to further his medical training. While in Egypt Lucanus meets another girl, a young Jewish aristocrat named Sara whose name should be spelled with an H, by the way.

The attraction between them—emotional, physical, and spiritual—is instant and powerful, but Lucanus is too angry with the world to allow himself to truly love Sara, or accept her belief in a loving God who watches over all. His mother and step-family have moved to Rome, and he joins them there. Rome is both the crown jewel and the cesspit of the Western world at the moment. Nowhere else would you find more art, more education, more commerce—and nowhere else would you find such apathy, such madness, such depravity and such decay.

Lucanus is an established doctor by now, and the step-son of a loyal Roman soldier. With a solid reputation for himself and a good family background, he is sought as the personal physician to Emperor Tiberius. The young man is also a great athlete and very handsome—with the fair hair, blue eyes, and height so coveted by the Greco-Romans—and the wicked empress, Julia, wants to make him her next conquest. She gets him drunk at a party and almost has her way with him, but he evades her and flees the imperial city.

Her favorites, having displeased her, tend to wind up dead. Back in the Near East, Lucanus makes a travelling companion, a man from deep in Africa named Ramus who has come to seek the Messiah, and has sworn an oath of silence until he finds Him. For years these two friends wander the Mediterranean coast, Lucanus healing everyone who seeks him, his Nubian friend ever looking out for the One born beneath that Star all those years ago.

In Greece the two men suffer violence and Ramus is blinded, but when Lucanus weeps over the man his eyes are miraculously restored. Not long after, Ramus strikes off alone to seek the Messiah. He has heard rumors of a man named Yeshua in Judaea.Finding Your Way Back to God.

Luke and his relationship to Jesus Christ. Sign In. It was quite obvious that Ms. At the age of eight she started to write stories, and in fact wrote her first novel, The Romance of Atlantis , at the age of twelve although it remained unpublished until Choose your country's store to see books available for download.

Please verify that you are not a robot. At the age of eight she started to write stories, and in fact wrote her first novel, The Romance of Atlantis , at the age of twelve although it Also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner. I had always understood it to be an acronym - the initials of a phrase which translates in English as "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.