1. Short title and commencement.– (1) These rules may be cited as the Punjab Procurement Rules (2) They shall come into force at once. A checklist has been prepared and uploaded on PPRA website to facilitate the Punjab Procurement Rules (Amended upto ); 1 amendment. Page 1. PPRA. Page 2. PPRA. Page 3. PPRA. Page 4. PPRA. Page 5. PPRA. Page 6. PPRA. Page 7. PPRA. Page 8. PPRA. Page 9. PPRA. Page PPRA.

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(1) These rules may be called the Public Procurement Rules, (2) They shall come into force at once. GENERAL PROVISIONS. 2. Definitions (1) In these. PPRA Rules (Ammended Upto ) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Procurement Rules Punjab. PART Preliminary. 1. This Act may be cited as the Public Procurement Act, , and shall come into operation on a day to be appointed by the Minister by.

Methods of advertisement. These procurement opportunities may also be advertised in print media, if deemed necessary by the procuring agency: The advertisement in the newspapers shall principally appear in at least two national dailies, one in English and the other in Urdu. Response time. However, under no circumstances the response time shall be less than fifteen days for national competitive bidding and thirty days for international competitive bidding from the date of publication of advertisement or notice.

All advertisements or notices shall expressly mention the response time allowed for that particular procurement along with the information for collection of bid documents which shall be issued till a given date, allowing sufficient time to complete and submit the bid by the closing date: Provided that no time limit shall be applicable in case of emergency.

However under following circumstances deviation from the requirement is permissible with the prior approval of the Authority,-.

Pre-qualification of suppliers and contractors. Such pre-qualification shall solely be based upon the ability of the interested parties to perform that particular work satisfactorily.

Pre-qualification process. Only suppliers or contractors who have been pre-qualified shall be entitled to participate further in the procurement proceedings.

Qualification of suppliers and contractors. Provided that such qualification shall only be laid down after recording reasons therefor in writing.

They shall form part of the records of that procurement proceeding. Disqualification of suppliers and contractors. The procuring agency shall disqualify a supplier or contractor if it finds, at any time, that the information submitted by him concerning his qualification as supplier or contractor was false and materially inaccurate or incomplete. Blacklisting of suppliers and contractors. The procuring agencies shall specify a mechanism and manner to permanently or temporarily bar, from participating in their respective procurement proceedings, suppliers and contractors who either consistently fail to provide satisfactory performances or are found to be indulging in corrupt or fraudulent practices.

Such barring action shall be duly publicized and communicated to the Authority: Provided that any supplier or contractor who is to be blacklisted shall be accorded adequate opportunity of being heard. Principal method of procurement. Save as otherwise provided hereinafter, the procuring agencies shall use open competitive bidding as the principal method of procurement for the procurement of goods, services and works.

Open competitive bidding. Submission of bids. Bidding documents. Where notification of such change, addition, modification or deletion becomes essential, such notification shall be made in a manner similar to the original advertisement.

Provided that bidding documents already in use of procuring agencies may be retained in their respective usage to the extent they are not inconsistent with these rules, and till such time that the standard bidding documents are specified by regulations. Reservations and preference.

The magnitude of price preference to be accorded shall be clearly mentioned in the bidding documents under the bid evaluation criteria. Bid security. The procuring agency may require the bidders to furnish a bid security not exceeding five per cent of the bid price.

Bid validity. However under exceptional circumstances and for reason to be recorded in writing, if an extension is considered necessary, all those who have submitted their bids shall be asked to extend their respective bid validity period. Such extension shall be for not more than the period equal to the period of the original bid validity. Extension of time for submission of bids. Where a procuring agency has already prescribed a deadline for the submission of bids and due to any reason the procuring agency finds it necessary to extend such deadline, it shall do so only after recording its reasons in writing and in an equal opportunity manner.

Advertisement of such extension in time shall be done in a manner similar to the original advertisement. Opening of bids. Bids shall be opened at the time specified in the bidding documents.

The bids shall be opened at least thirty minutes after the deadline for submission of bids.

The procuring agency shall read aloud the unit price as well as the bid amount and shall record the minutes of the bid opening. All bidders in attendance shall sign an attendance sheet.

All bids submitted after the time prescribed shall be rejected and returned without being opened. Evaluation criteria. Procuring agencies shall formulate an appropriate evaluation criterion listing all the relevant information against which a bid is to be evaluated. Such evaluation criteria shall form an integral part of the bidding documents.

Failure to provide for an unambiguous evaluation criteria in the bidding documents shall amount to mis-procurement. Evaluation of bids. Save as provided for in sub-clause iv of clause c of rule 36 no evaluation criteria shall be used for evaluation of bids that had not been specified in the bidding documents. The rate of exchange shall be the selling rate, prevailing on the date of opening of bids specified in the bidding documents, as notified by the State Bank of Pakistan on that day.

Clarification of bids. However the procuring agency may seek and accept clarifications to the bid that do not change the substance of the bid. The response to such request shall also be in writing. Discriminatory and difficult conditions.

Ppra punjab rules 2014 pdf

Save as otherwise provided, no procuring agency shall introduce any condition, which discriminates between bidders or that is considered to be met with difficulty. In ascertaining the discriminatory or difficult nature of any condition reference shall be made to the ordinary practices of that trade, manufacturing, construction business or service to which that particular procurement is related. Rejection of bids. The procuring agency shall upon request communicate to any supplier or contractor who submitted a bid or proposal, the grounds for its rejection of all bids or proposals, but is not required to justify those grounds.

Announcement of evaluation reports. Procuring agencies shall announce the results of bid evaluation in the form of a report giving justification for acceptance or rejection of bids at least ten days prior to the award of procurement contract. Procedures of open competitive bidding. Save as otherwise provided in these rules the following procedures shall be permissible for open competitive bidding, namely: Each bid shall comprise one single envelope containing, separately, financial proposal and technical proposal if any.

All bids received shall be opened and evaluated in the manner prescribed in the bidding document. Provided that in setting the date for the submission of the revised technical proposals and supplementary price proposals a procuring agency shall allow sufficient time to the bidders to incorporate the agreed changes in the technical proposal and to prepare the required supplementary financial proposal.

Selection of consultants. Decision by simple majority. Three members. Functions and responsibilities of Committee.

All decision of the Consultant Selection Committee shall be made by majority of the members present and voting. This method may be used where: This is the preferred method for selecting consultants for assignments of standard or routine nature such as audit.

Methods for selection of consultants.

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Selection process of individual consultant. This system may be used for highly specialized. The following shall be the selection process of individual consultant in a short consultancy: Expression of interest.

Request for proposals. Evaluation of quality of consulting services. Professional liability of consultant. Association of consultants. Intellectual property rights. Single complying proposal. Performance guarantee. Subject to rule Acceptance of bids.

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Limitation on negotiations. Alternative methods of procurements. Unsolicited proposal. Commencement of procurement contract. Federal Government. On account payments. Public access and transparency.

Closing of contract. Record of procurement. A procuring agency may assign whole or part of procurement process to another procuring agency with the consent of that other procuring agency. Redressal of grievances by the procuring agency. The show cause notice shall contain: In case.

PPRA Rules in Urdu

In case the bidder or contractor submits written reply of the show cause notice. The procuring agency shall decide the matter on the basis of the available record and personal hearing of the bidder or contractor.

The procuring agency shall give minimum of seven days to the bidder or contractor for submission of written reply of the show cause notice.


The procuring agency may. The procuring agency shall give minimum of seven days to the bidder or contractor for appearance before the specified officer of the procuring agency for personal hearing.

The procuring agency shall decide the matter within fifteen days from the date of personal hearing unless the personal hearing is adjourned to a next date and in such an eventuality.

If the procuring agency wants the Authority to debar the bidder or contractor from participating in any public procurement of all procuring agencies. But the name of a bidder or In case of request of a procuring agency under para 11 or representation of any aggrieved person under rule The parties may file written statements and documents in support of their contentions.

In case of representation of any aggrieved person or procuring agency under rule The Authority shall upload all the decisions under rule The Authority shall immediately publish the information and decision of blacklisting on its website. The procuring agency shall communicate to the bidder or contractor the order of debarring the bidder or contractor from participating in any public procurement with a statement that the bidder or contractor may.

In every order of blacklisting under rule The procuring agency shall. An effort shall be made for electronic communication of all the notices and other documents pursuant to this mechanism or process. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Federal Government's Revised Leave Rules, Jump to Page. Search inside document. Short title and commencement.

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Juha Saarinen.Scope and applicability. Procedures of open competitive bidding. User Gui Dev 1. Parichoy Gupta. Entry into force of the procurement contract.


Procuring agencies shall formulate an appropriate evaluation criterion listing all the relevant information against which a bid is to be evaluated. A contracting authority is permitted to enter into a framework agreement, provided that the agreement is arranged by the Government Procurement Services Agency for procurement of common use items and services, provided that the contract is valid only between one and three years.