The hard part's over. You've brought your story to life. Now it's time to create a matching cover that whets your readers' imaginations. Canva's free Wattpad cover. Easily create custom Wattpad book covers, no design skills necessary. Adobe Spark is a Wattpad cover maker that makes it easy to create an image that supports your writing, lures readers and widens your fan base. Wattpad covers are crucial for your writing; after all, who honestly. Use Wattpad's Recommended Design Tool. Create a stunning Wattpad Cover in minutes. Work with s of templates and access a library with millions of free.

Wattpad Book Cover Maker

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The easiest way to design eBook & Wattpad covers that are guaranteed to entice readers everywhere. In a matter of minutes, you can create a beautiful and. Using Placeit's Wattpad Cover Maker, you can create beautiful designs in just a few clicks! Save precious time to invest in your writing by using this Book Cover. You can resize your Wattpad cover in easily using the magic resize button in Design Wizard book cover maker. This means you can instantly create social media.

With more than 55 million monthly users, Wattpad provides authors with a uniquely social way to interact with their audience and grow a loyal fan base. Make sure you are in demand with a Wattpad cover that stands out on the shelf. How to design a Wattpad Cover in 4 simple steps.

Select your Wattpad Cover template. Or select one of more than 1. Change the color or text to your own branded message using of over fresh fonts.

Share or download your Wattpad cover. I recommend Font Squirrel as a good place to find quality free fonts.

For this nonfiction book cover about the history of wine enthusiasm, I grabbed a free image from Unsplash. I also grabbed a display font called Alex Brush for the title. I used the classic serif font Didot for the tagline, and I found a neat all caps font called Cinzel for the byline and foreward note.

Popular Templates

Be wary of overloading your designs with too many different fonts. In this example, I used three, which is a lot. Any more would be too much.

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Wattpad Fiction Cover Design: Illustrations Stoke the Imagination Some of the best fiction book covers are composed of simple illustrations. Partly this is because it can be hard to find a good stock photo to represent a novel.

Novels are by nature rooted in the imagination so it makes sense that illustrations, paintings, or sketches are often used as cover images for fiction. But not always.

Make Your Own Wattpad Covers for Free with Adobe Spar

It depends on what you want. I created this one-color PXD template for Wattpad users as an example for a fiction book cover, and I made it as dead simple as possible.

I found the illustration of a campfire in a pack of illustrations on Creative Market. Download your cover and add it to your Wattpad story, or share it directly to social media as a teaser for a story that's in the works.

Promote Your Wattpad Story like a Pro

Add personality to your custom Wattpad cover Just as you've crafted a vision for your writing, you undoubtedly have an idea of how your cover should look. Fear not — your Adobe Spark Wattpad cover is fully customizable, so you can adjust any part that may be amiss.

Change the filter on your background to quickly bring your image to the forefront or give it a more subdued tone. You can also resize text and alter the font color so your title grabs more attention.

Making changes is as easy as the click of a button — you don't have to spend hours on your imagery. Attract more readers with the perfect cover Even astounding writing can't always speak for itself.Share it right away!

Find amazing Wattpad covers for horror stories, sci-fi , crime, thrillers , fantasy, poetry, romance, adventure, and more!

Select from Adobe Spark's vast library, or upload your own photo, to enhance your cover. Take note of the size of cover art displayed on the Wattpad site. You can download a font that is perfect for what you want, but there are so many free options out there that you should simply go with free.

Choose a portrait-oriented rectangle so that it looks like a standard book cover. And, the best part is that you don't need to have a design background to come up with a stunning image.