Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An Inspirational Romance – Hindu. Journey of Two Hearts book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Can you sail through life despite its terms and. Journey of Two Hearts and over 2 million other books are available for site site. Journey of two hearts: Will be Cherished Forever Paperback – 1 Jan This item:Journey of two hearts: Will be Cherished Forever by Anuj Tiwari Paperback Rs.

Journey Of Two Hearts Book

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This is an amazing touching love sory by Anuj Tiwari. This book is his life's story. He had gifted this book to Pakhi after they got married, to get. Journey of Two Hearts [Mr. Anuj Tiwari] on *FREE* shipping on " This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book." ―Arianna Huffington. Journey of Two Hearts: Will be cherished forever (Audible Audio Edition): Anuj Tiwari, Homer Todiwala, Audible Studios: Books.

The story is of Anuj, a young boy who stumbles across Pakhi a young girl and from there on friendship blossoms with a lot of false starts. The journey culminates slowly and steadily as it evolves into friendship, then love and then takes it to a new height. Love makes them inseparable as it prolongs their relationship and make them wary of many new ifs and buts in life.

But with time outside interferences and some unexpected problems galore and dent the sanctity of the whole relationship. So will Anuj be able to set right all the wrong? Whose fault is it and will they accept it? Will love turn out to be a saviour in their relationship? That's what the story is all about. A true love story with a lot of complex emotions and truthfulness in itself makes the story readable.

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The journey is a turmoil and has highs and lows in equal fervour. The book traverses on both positive and negative braces of love with command. The thoughtfulness and innocence in this love story is reflected all throughout till the last page. The biggest downside of the book is the editing.

Grammatical and spelling errors are an eye sore.

T his is an amazing touching love sory by Anuj Tiwari. This book is his life's story. He had gifted this book to Pakhi after they got married, to get together all the lovely moments they shared together once again.

This novel starts when Anuj's friend Maddy has used his number to tease someone. Anuj feels very guilty for calling her. It was the number of a beautiful girl, Pakhi. He has started loving her as we have seen in the most traditional Bollywood movies. They loved and cared for each other, but suddenly twists and turns arrive, as we usually see in all love stories of all times. The author had described the scene very beautifully in the book:.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 20, Prakhar rated it really liked it. I remember Anuj Sir's statement "tere jaane ne mujhe aaj is kabil bana diya,agar tu aaj hoti toh yeh jahan tere kadmo me rakh deta" Wonderful man,sobbing end and real emotion,while reading it,I was really considering myself with protagonist and now scared of the future,and yup a story to all love genre readers,It would sound you adorable.

Sep 16, Aditi rated it did not like it. I actually enjoyed reading this book, but for all the wrong reasons.

You know how sometimes a movie is so bad, it's good? Like Tremors. This is exactly that.

The grammar and spelling is so poor that it is just hilarious. I have ordered this book multiple times just to give them away as little troll gifts. Must read. In a bar, with beer and friends. View 2 comments.

Journey of two Hearts!

Oct 08, Neha rated it did not like it. In spite of all the above, I kept reading as the reviews were great everywhere, but the story is equally disappointing. A common story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, girl leaves him in the end is dragged to the core. Not at all recommended.

View 1 comment. Jul 08, Purnendu Chatterjee rated it really liked it. Words from heart A complete love story. There is no unpronounceable words or phrase. Simple words, simple style of narrating an awesome story.

Thank you for giving us a such a wonderful love story. It have everything from poetry to shayeri, from hughes to love bites. A thumbs up for you work and looking forward read some more from you. Apr 21, Shagun Khurana rated it it was amazing. A heart touching simply written story..

He really pour his heart in each line of the story. Jun 06, Raj Singh rated it really liked it. After a long time, I held any romantic book to read during weekend.

The story began as every love story begins in Indian romantic novels, but soon I realized that the book became boring to interesting and the way the story ended up was completely unexpected. And I was amazed with the ending. In fact, my choice of picking up this book didn't leave me disappointed.

What I can say is, "It's a masterpiece". Oct 08, Dipali rated it liked it. True love has no happy ending Love is really painful. Proposal of love, first kiss, the trust and loyalty of two, these were few things which made me think again and again.

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I really want others also to be part of this loving journey of love. At the end..

All best.. Jan 28, Snehal rated it did not like it. It was pathetic.

Journey of Two Hearts: Will be cherished forever

View all 3 comments. Apr 22, Swati Garg rated it really liked it.

Nov 26, Dev Deep rated it did not like it. There is nothing like half star, If There would be so option then i had given it only half star. Such a crappy story. A very slow one.

This story is complete shit. Its better to read some other story then wasting your time reading this shitty stuff. May 24, Angira Kapoor rated it it was amazing. In life at least once a person comes, changes you for rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes clay, gives a proper shape and put into fire.

Best wishes for success. Nov 11, Saravanan J rated it did not like it.So what difference lies in this story? The more you toy with the idea of exploring it the more it sucks you in. One big glass of lassi and pakhi took only few sips. Topics Children's books. Mom caught her. I saw the dark circle under your eyes.